From years of hands-on experience with ship helicopter integration, Prism Defence have developed "HeliSAFE". HeliSAFE is an innovative software solution for the management of aviation operations aboard naval vessels. HeliSAFE provides three main outcomes:

  • it enhances safety;
  • increases operational capability; and,
  • improves tactical flexibility.

The software has been designed entirely with the operator in mind by presenting all necessary environmental data and SHOL information in an unambiguous manner. The bridge officer can also use the innovative displays to easily determine best course for helicopter operations.

HeliSAFE can be integrated into any ship, and can be customised to comply with existing published operating limits. Furthermore, because Prism understands how operating limits are developed, the implementation of HeliSAFE by Prism ensures that the safety inherent in these limits is not compromised.

HeliSAFE has been developed in accordance our internal software development process that are based upon international software development standards. This ensures that HeliSAFE is documented, supportable and effective.